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Mixed Media

Allowing for a mixture of materials in a single art piece creates interesting textures, and multilayered visual interests, while also introducing many kinds...
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Art Jumble

This is the perfect introduction to arts class.  Projects are designed with simplicity to be completed in a single class, and to introduce...
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Unique Projects

For our more imaginative and adventurous minds, Unique Projects invites creativity and the ability to work on exciting and larger projects that stretch...
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Clay & Ceramics

Intro to Clay:  Focused on hand building, this class begins with the basics of clay, sculpting, handling, firing, and glazing. Ceramics/Wheel Throwing:  This...
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Drawing & Painting

Drawing and Painting:  Learning the basics of line, perspective, shading and proportions using pencil, charcoal, pastels, inks, and markers. Beginning with color theory, texture,...
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Little Artists

We’ve got a soft spot for our youngest artists. They are always reminding us to play, to see the world in a new...
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