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The Magic of Flowers

This first month of creating content has been challenging but also so rewarding for me.  It’s been a bit of sanity during a time in the world where normalcy no longer exists.  I have watched many people struggle so much with the current events, worrying as I have been about finances, family, and future… and so when I find my mind running away from me this has helped return me to the moment, the now, and while some consider it a frivolous endeavor, playing with flowers has become a form of meditation and grounding for us.  

This project is so massive, that focusing on the minute allows me time to think, to dream, to build.  Elysian is certainly in its beginning stages.  Only moments past conception into its gestation but in the same place of love and creation that I felt when I found I was carrying my children, there is a level of intimacy and enigma.  I know it and love it already, but I also don’t know it, haven’t met it yet.  Haven’t touched, and seen all its corners and crevices with my own eyes.  yet still I know her.  It seems more and more appropriate, that though I simply picked flowers as the theme because May is when the flowers burst into bloom at Lark Manor, really it’s about the Spring of this project.  The birth of it, bursting into life, with all its beauty and all its strangeness, all its potential, and all that remains undiscovered.  

The joy for me is somewhere between the history and the possibility.  This month for me has been an affirmation that it’s ok I see flowers where everyone else argues weeds.  That There is magic in what others deem ordinary.  It is not that I am naive in my visions and ideologies, it’s that I see things differently than most do.  My entire life I have been told to grow up, to be more realistic, to set the childish things aside, the dreams, the wishes, the stories, the art.  Age has afforded me more resources, wisdom and the honing of my talents so that I might be able finally to share my vision.  To teach others to see as I do, so they can share their magic with me, with the world.  

I don’t just see Dandelions as Wishes where others see weeds.  I see them as banquets, I see them as crowns, I see them as secret languages, I see them as the potential to be magic…  What do you see?   

This week brings flower crowns, floral candles, the Victorian definitions of flower symbolism, vintage floral art that’s been scanned to digital, the essential elements for a witchy garden, and the first of a 3 part series on an entire meal from Dandelions: Dinner, Dessert and Drinks, starting with Dandelion Pesto.

This Week from Elysian:

From the Atelier:  Flower Crowns

From the Attic: Floral Candles

From the Garden:  A Witch’s Garden

From the Apothecary: Victorian Flower Meanings

From the Library:  Complimentary Digitals of Vintage Floral Art

From the Kitchen: Dandelion Pesto Recipe, made from our own back yard. 

From the Drawing Room:  Join us for weekly meetings to discuss inspiration, information, and progress on the project!

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