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May Florals - A Little Kick

      The first official blog post for Elysian might require a little introduction.  

      Elysian is the idea of retreat and wellness center for the inner child of creatives.  Where Artists, and Writers, Musicians, and Performers come to re-introduce themselves to their true source of spirit.  Where we cater to the growth and expanse of their imaginations, and allow them to dive deeper into the purpose behind their artistry, what they need to say.  

      I’m a believer in the importance of environment on creativity’s potency.  You need somewhere safe, but also inspiring.  Somewhere that makes you want to believe in magic again.  I knew that to bring the idea of a the sanctuary to life, the location would be key. 

      So when I found the abandoned boarding school, built in the 1800s, and perfectly situated 2 hours between New York and Philadelphia.  It called to me.  Doesn’t it beg to be lived in by artists and authors?  Then quarantine happened, and everything shut down.

       I felt defeated {as many of you are right now at the state of things} that I couldn’t move forward with visiting the property, photographing it, inspections and planning etc.  I was reminded that things happen as they are meant to, and that the true Sanctuary is within.  The buildings to everyone else for a decade now have been abandoned, derelict and without purpose… it was the intentions I had for them, the vision I was beginning to share with other creatives that was bringing it to life, allowing it to manifest into reality.

      When we considered the blog we wanted it written from the perspective of Sanctuary, we knew there were certain rooms that we would be so in love with. The Literature of the Libraries, the Growth of the Gardens, the Nostalgia and Heirlooms in the Attics, the Aromas wafting down the Corridors from the Kitchen, Artistry from the Drawing Rooms, and little bits of Spells and Magick from the Apothecary.   

      We don’t have to wait to begin bringing you these things, so we’re not.  I’m hoping the blog will actually help you understand what we are trying to build here.  Maybe, if it calls to you, you’ll help us build it too, and while we all wait to see what this post pandemic world will be, we’ll find some sanctuary within.  

      So this month being May, we’re focused on Florals, and this week is about A Little Kick:  Because it’s us kicking off the beginning of our social media presence, it’s us introducing the spirit of this project before we begin a kickstarter, finding our funding is also finding our family: the people that are as excited as we are for this place to exist.  

      It’s also Cinco De Mayo this week, and since one of the executive creatives to first sign on and help bring this to life comes from a Mexican Heritage, we loved the idea of honoring her family, and traditions in an authentic and beautiful way while staying with our floral theme of May.

Stay tuned this week for mouth watering recipes for elote, tostadas, and margaritas.  Get a simple tutorial for making beautiful paper flowers.  See the perfect layout for your own Salsa Garden.  Enjoy some prose on florals.  Learn some of the magical properties of marigolds, and see a beautiful scrapbook layout featuring our culinary artist’s family, and get the customizable digital layout to preserve your own family history!

From the Drawing Room:  Paper Flowers Tutorials.

From the Attic: Heirloom Art: 3 Generation Heirloom Page featuring the Olguin Women.
From the Garden:  The Essential Anatomy of a Salsa Garden.
From the Apothecary: The Magick of Marigolds.
From the Library: Unrequited Wildflowers.
From the Kitchen: Hibiscus and Ginger Clove Margaritas, Authentic Tostadas, and Elote

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